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Jaakko Alasaarela

Strategy From Values


“Strategy was new for us –
a real eye-opener.”

Lars Albäck

Dare To Dream

CEO Tilaajavastuu

“I needed to get the staff onboard the new vision.”

Lars Albäck

Involving Everybody

CFO Hill & Knowlton

“Serve customers, but also think about the big picture.”

Johan & Camilla Hallbäck

Small Retail Gift Shop

Owners Pannacotta

“Strategy was new for us – a real eye-opener.”
This is a profile picture of Bo Harald in black and white.

Bo Harald

Start With The WHY

Board Professional

“No strategies anymore in cabinets. Involve everybody!”

Niklas Hed

Finding The Direction

Founder Rovio

“One-page strategy helped us prioritize the best ideas.”

Juha Heikinheimo

Strategy Is A Must

Board Professional

Also a small company needs a strategy.”

Outi Impivaara

Rethinking My Focus

CEO Oicon

Strategy 1Pager fits also my one-person company.”

Päivi Karesjoki

The Exit Dream

CEO Avarea

“Making your business attractive for acquisition.”

Petri Karjalainen

Customer Strategy

CSO Accountor Group

Segmentation, Offering & Service Model.”

Jouni Koistinen

My Third Startup

CEO CocoInvest

I was blinded by one Focus Area. The 1Pager helped.”

Petteri Kolinen

Identity Is Key

CEO Design Forum

People buy from companies that have a SOUL!”

Mika Mustakallio

We Follow-up Together

CEO MORS Software

“20 person software company steered by the Strategy 1Pager”

Kari J. Mäkelä

Simplify & Do It Together

Board Professional

“Use external advice, don’t do it alone. It pays off.”

Ari Vanhanen

Change To Solution Selling

Sales Director Adven

Differentiation Through Customer Experience”

Peter Vesterbacka



Why you should set a crazy ambitious goal and just do it.”

Jari Virrankoski

Simplifying Strategy is Key

CEO Delaval Finland

“We won the best Market Area Award In Our Enterprise”

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