People Commit To Your Strategy If You Involve Them

A business strategy consists of decisions on how the business intends to achieve success. People need to commit to the chosen plan. The management ensures that people commit to the conclusions. One way is to involve all people in the strategic decision-making process.

When you involve everyone, you can collect more views. By collecting more thoughts, the business gets access to more data, but the people involved in the process contribute to the outcome. Everybody has seen the strategy take shape and understand why it looks the way it does. The output makes sense. The management doesn’t have to spend time trying to persuade people separately.

What Allows You To Involve Everyone

1. Create A One Page Strategy 
2. ​Ask The Right Questions
3. ​Use A Structured Approach

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Stradigo is a brand owned by Rdigo Oy (Business-ID: 2120844-1).

Rdigo Oy is registered in Finland as a Limited company. We are a strategy consultancy located in the Helsinki capital region.

We’ve been in business since 2007. The company name comes from the latin word Redigo, meaning both ‘I shape’ & ‘I renew’.

Stradigo combines the word strategy with Rdigo.