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What Is This Page About? - Subscription Plan

On this page, you can choose what subscription plan you desire for your Stradigo Account. Presently there are two levels. You can choose either a free account, and you can purchase a Premium Account. You can access all account-related materials in the member area.

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What is included in the FREE Subscription Plan?

A FREE Stradigo Account level gives you access to all the free strategy resources Stradigo offers now and in the future. You effectively get everything conveniently in the right place.

What is included in the Premium Subscription Plan?

By purchasing a Premium Account, you get access to our online course on how you can create a one-page business strategy for your business. The materials guide you in defining your purpose, focus areas, strategy, goals, and strategic targets. The course also includes a strategy template, a digital workbook, and a printable variant of the workbook. This online course contains recorded video advice by our Senior Partner Strategy Consultant Markus Westerlund.

I Have Questions about the plans. Who Do I Contact?

If you have questions about either subscription plan, please email us at:

You can also reach us directly on either Facebook or LinkedIn. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Stradigo is a brand owned by Rdigo Oy (Business-ID: 2120844-1).

Rdigo Oy is registered in Finland as a Limited company. We are a strategy consultancy located in the Helsinki capital region.

We’ve been in business since 2007. The company name comes from the latin word Redigo, meaning both ‘I shape’ & ‘I renew’.

Stradigo combines the word strategy with Rdigo.