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In a world of virtual meetings and interaction, knowing the basics of online business meeting etiquette is appropriate. After discovering the efficiency benefits that well-executed online meetings gave us compared to face-to-face meetings, there was no turning back. In a battle of efficiency and output between online & physical meetings, online meetings always win, providing the best versatility from an efficiency standpoint compared to the required investment in time and money.

To help you ace your future online meetings, we want to share our best online meeting etiquette practices. It’s incredible how much things can change – Just by getting clarity and learning a few tricks here and there. Consider your camera placement, when to use muted or unmuted microphones, how to prevent feeling socially isolated and what equipment investments you may want to consider.

Detailed guidelines for proper preparation and tips on conducting an online meeting are available in our paid guide, “Online Meeting Etiquette for Corporations.” You can purchase access to this on-point guide from our online store.

Before scheduling an online meeting, make sure to prepare. You’ll need to decide what type of meeting you want to hold (e.g., conference call, webinar, etc.) and then determine if you wish to use audio or video. Having clear ground rules is essential before you begin an online meeting. You ensure everyone has similar expectations and understandings of how the session will work.

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A Good Online Meeting Provides Efficiency

Source of Inspiration. We think that a good online meeting is one that not only saves time and money but also inspires employees to work towards making the company successful. At Stradigo, we started holding online meetings back in 2016. Once we realized the efficiency benefits that online meetings gave us compared to face-to-face meetings, we never went back to the traditional way of doing things. Our customers agreed with this. Working online was much more efficient! 

Efficiency is appreciated. An infinite stream of meetings often bogs down employees, so efficiency is highly appreciated. Almost all of our meetings have been online for several years. Virtual meetings are no longer new, especially since the pandemic forced many of us to take a giant leap to a more digital way of working. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet have become the new communication method, but they offer much more.

Know the do’s and don’ts. To make sure your meetings are efficient and go as planned, it is critical to know the do’s and don’ts of online meetings. We cover these topics in our paid guide, “Online Meeting Etiquette for Corporations,” which can be purchased from our online store.

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Choosing Between Online vs. Physical Meetings

Online meetings are scoped for work. Many say they prefer physical meetings because they think it provides a humane dimension. What is the key feature that makes online meetings the preferable choice? If we look at this from a business perspective, online meetings are far more efficient timewise. If one desires human interaction, there will be plenty of time to socialize outside meetings, like at the coffee machine, over lunch, or during separately organized social activities. Online meetings are scoped for work, allowing us to bridge the gap between geographically distant locations, which usually trumps socialization because socialization can be gained through many other ways outside meetings.

How You Can Acquire Online Meeting Etiquette Training

Making online meetings successful. We put our heads together and discussed what makes our meetings successful. We have facilitated hundreds of meetings and workshops online and crystallized the most valuable insights into a document. Knowing good online meeting etiquette is a win-win for you, your colleagues, and any clients with whom you may hold online meetings.

Our document Online Meeting Etiquette for Corporations introduces and briefs you on virtual meeting do’s and don’ts in a corporate setting. You can purchase this document from our online store.

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What Is Contained In Online Meeting Etiquette for Corporations?

What you gain from reading the guide. This document provides good guidelines that ensure online meeting success, ranging from camera placement to the role of video and how to choose between muted and unmuted microphones. You’ll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls that can make people feel socially isolated and how to make simple adjustments and choices that will mitigate these issues. Plus, tips on thinking about investing in better camera and microphone equipment.

How To Purchase Access To The Guide?

The document is available in our online store. Click this link to proceed to the checkout page.

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