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Stradigo can help in your next strategy update and the strategy implementation that starts afterward.

Actions That Enable This Process To Succeed

  1. Involve All Staff
  2. Challenge Your Current Thinking
  3. Use The Most Suitable Digital Strategy Tools
  4. Crystalize Your Output To A One-Page Strategy
  5. Follow Up With Best Practices & Regular Routine
This is a picture of Oskar Westerlund. He is a Strategy Consultant at Stradigo, a Finnish consulting company, that specializes in strategic planning and strategy implementation.

Involve All Staff

Involve all of your staff in the strategy creation process from the very beginning. If you include everyone in the strategy process you get will not only get important input and insights at a very early stage, people will also feel like the finalized strategy is theirs. This makes strategy implementation much more likely to succeed.

Involve All Staff
Challenge Your Thinking

Challenge Your Thinking

Make sure to challenge your thinking, because the first thoughts and ideas that come to our mind are unlikely the best you can come up with. If you care about quality, challenge your current thinking. Keep refining your answers version by version until you are satisfied. Your strategy shouldn’t be something carved in stone, like on a stone tablet.

Use Digital Strategy Tools

If you want to involve and excite all of your staff, one key is to use digital tools to enhance your strategic planning and strategy implementation. Due to the COVID19 pandemic you may already be familiar with quite a few, but tools are only one part of the equation. Another is to know how to use them in a way that truly boosts your work and results. Stradigo can help take your tool usage capability to the next level in ways you didn’t know possible.

Stradigo Helps You Use Digital Tools
Stradigo Helps You Create A One-Page Strategy

The One-Page Strategy

So you have worked through the strategic planning process. At the end you want to summarize your output into something that is easily viewable. This is the core idea behind creating a one-page strategy. This something more than just writing text into a document. On a one-page strategy you summarize the full output and the best golden nuggets of your entire strategy process. 

Strategy Best Practice Tips

There are many ways to create a strategy. This may be your first time or you may be a grizzled veteran who has already gone through tens of strategy processes over your career. No matter how many times you’ve done, you can find best practice tips on this page that will without a doubt help you find something to improve in your current approach. In the grand scheme of things every little bit counts. The better you do, the better your business will perform in the months and years to come.

Strategy Best Practice Tips From Stradigo

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Stradigo Company Information

Stradigo is a brand owned by Rdigo Oy (Business-ID: 2120844-1).

Rdigo Oy is registered in Finland as a Limited company. We are a strategy consultancy located in the Helsinki capital region.

We’ve been in business since 2007. The company name has taken inspiration from the Latin word Redigo, which means “I shape” & “I renew”.