1. Blogs About Strategic Planning

This page can find various blogs about strategic planning that we have written. The contents and observations come directly from our experiences with multiple client organizations.  

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About Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is traditionally seen as a process where the company determines its vision, goals, and objectives for the future. 

For us, a successful strategy is like a journey. The management can plan some things, other situations cannot be planned, but you adapt to circumstances and events when on a journey. Then, the organization must figure out when it is worth updating the strategy instead of continuing with the previous version.

The company will have to decide how many will be involved during creation and manage consensus among staff. Current thinking needs to be challenged. Eventually, big decisions have to be made. Staff worries have to be handled. The final output should be crystallized, culminating in a clear company purpose. 

The more of these topics the company managed to tackle during the strategic planning process, the better the company will come off. Naturally, this doesn’t come for free. Companies require to invest many things, including time, money, and people. Management needs to consider the options before them and make the appropriate decisions. We hope these blogs will aid management in reaching the best decision for their company.

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