3. Blogs About Strategy Implementation

We have collected all the blog entries about strategy implementation on this page. Stradigo blogs cover different business strategy topics, from strategic planning to strategy implementation.

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About Strategy Implementation

Implementation begins when the strategic planning process has come to a close. The insights come from our practical experiences, and we hope that you will find their insights helpful.

Research Is Also Available In Academia About This Topic

Carlos J.F. Cândido & Sérgio P. Santos investigate in their 2015 publication “Strategy implementation: What is the failure rate?” the failure rate in organizations. From their publication’s abstract, we can see that the rate of failure isn’t apparent.

This conclusion makes sense since strategy implementation gets influenced by how the strategic planning concludes. After all, strategies only manifest through concrete action. Is the business focusing on the right things? Does follow-up take place? How is progress tracked? As long as plans and activities align, the goals will eventually be complete. Naturally, this assumes that the strategic planning process succeeds and produces a concrete plan.

By reading some or all of the strategy implementation blogs, you can gain practical ideas to deploy in your business.

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