Erkki Kari-Koskinen - Strategy Consultant

Erkki Kari-Koskinen is one of our strategy consultants. On this page you can review his CV and learn how to connect.

How To Connect With Erkki Kari-Koskinen



An involving and efficient strategy process.
Best practices in strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategy implementation. 
Growth strategies, adaptation strategies, and turnaround strategies. 
Change projects, transformations, & mergers and acquisitions. 
Strategic leadership, operative leadership, and board work.


Consulting in over 80 strategy projects. 
Over 25 years of experience in strategy work in different roles. 
12 years in upper management roles at a listed company. 
12 years as an entrepreneur and advisor. 
23 years of board work in companies and associations.


Strategy consultant and Rdigo partner. 
Entrepreneur and advisor. 
Member of several boards and a Chairman of the Board. 
Head of a unit and a member of the upper management team. 
Sales Director in the large customer segment.

Erkki Kari-Koskinen Strategy Consultant at Stradigo

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Stradigo is a brand owned by Rdigo Oy (Business-ID: 2120844-1).

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Rdigo Oy is registered in Finland as a Limited company. We are a strategy consultancy located in the Helsinki capital region.

We’ve been in business since 2007. The company name comes from the latin word Redigo, meaning both ‘I shape’ & ‘I renew’.

Stradigo combines the word strategy with Rdigo.