Strategy For Choosing The Proper focus

With Jouni Koistinen

A common belief in business needs focus to achieve success. Yet by being hyper-focused on one single thing can make you blind to other things. You need a strategy for choosing the proper focus in the current moment. The Strategy 1Pager helped Jouni Koistinen do just that. In this interview, we talk about his experiences with these specific topics. You also hear about how customer experience and business strategy connect.

Profile picture of Jouni Koistinen as the CEO of COCO Invest in front of an indigo and black background.

I will tell you how a single huge focus area can easily blind you and how you get around this issue with a one-page strategy.

Jouni Koistinen

CEO, My Third Startup

Strategy For Choosing The Proper Focus

Key topics in the interview

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Are you looking for a strategy for choosing the Proper focus?

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