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On this page we have collected all the blog entries that relate to strategy mistakes. Stradigo blogs cover different business strategy topics from strategic planning to strategy implementation. 

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Why Businesses Should Avoid The Mistakes

Suppose a business makes a mistake during the strategy process, then the difficulty of succeeding with the strategy increases. The strategy may even fail outright later down the road, not because of that single thing but because one mistake causes follow-up issues. As issues pile up, the company may eventually reach a point where it can’t keep the strategy implementation momentum. So, it’s better to avoid making the mistakes outright.a

Big Mistakes In The Strategy Process

If you want to avoid making the biggest mistakes, we highly recommend that you take a few moments to read the following three blogs. 

  1. The Management Doesn’t Involve The Staff
  2. Leadership Is Not Transparent
  3. The Strategy Is Not Implemented

If you want to broaden your reading beyond mistakes while looking at the big picture of the entire strategy process, you can read about how a successful strategy is like a journeyAdditionally, if you want to involve your staff, one way to do it is by setting up a better meeting structure.

Everything ties together into a bigger picture, so it’s worth cross-reading multiple angles instead of just looking at a single topic.

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