Veli-Matti Savo - Strategy Consultant

Veli-Matti Savo is one of our strategy consultants. On this page you can review his CV and learn how to connect.

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People centricity is the owner’s advantage.
A genuine understanding of the company’s own situation secures the conditions for creating a credible and concrete strategy.
Leading with strategy and showing direction.
Facilitating strategy journey on a digital platform all onboard.
Change is an opportunity.


Over 25 years of strategy work in different industries.
14 years as a Member of the Executive Board in a listed company.
26 years in supervisory positions.
Recruiting personnel in nine different countries.
Several memberships in Board of Directors.


Strategy Consultant and Rdigo Partner.
Chairman of the Board at Epic Group and Infraroad.
Martela Group, Vice President, Business Unit, Marketing and Corporate Responsibility. Founding, acquiring, selling and closing companies in D, UK, RUS, PL and in the Nordic Countries.
Country Manager, Paroc GmbH, Germany.
Installation Manager, Export Manager at Paroc

Strategy Consultant Veli-Matti Savo from Stradigo

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